1. Accepting an Offer: Once you receive an offer from a potential buyer and negotiate the terms, both parties will sign a purchase agreement. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the sale, including the purchase price, contingencies, and the expected closing date.
  2. Opening Escrow: After accepting the offer, the seller or the buyer’s agent will open an escrow account with a reputable escrow company in Lake Arrowhead. The escrow company serves as a neutral third party responsible for holding all funds and necessary documents related to the transaction.
  3. Disclosures and Inspections: As the seller, you are required to provide the buyer with specific disclosures about your property’s condition and any known issues. The buyer may also conduct inspections during this period to ensure the property meets their expectations.
  4. Title Search and Insurance: The buyer’s lender will typically require a title search to ensure there are no liens or legal issues associated with the property. Once the title is clear, the buyer will purchase title insurance to protect their ownership rights.
  5. Buyer’s Loan Approval: The buyer’s lender will assess their financial qualifications and the property’s value before approving their loan. This step can take several weeks, so it’s essential to stay in communication with the buyer’s agent to track the progress.
  6. Preparing for Closing: As the closing date approaches, you and the buyer will need to fulfill any remaining requirements, such as finalizing repairs (if agreed upon) and gathering necessary paperwork for the closing.
  7. Closing: On the agreed-upon closing date, both parties will meet at the escrow company or a title company to sign the final documents. As the seller, you’ll sign the deed transferring ownership of the property to the buyer. The buyer will also sign their loan documents and any other necessary paperwork.
  8. Disbursement of Funds: After all documents are signed, the escrow company will ensure that all funds, including the buyer’s down payment and any prorated expenses, are properly collected and disbursed. Once this is complete, the sale is officially closed.
  9. Handing Over Possession: After the closing is finalized, you’ll hand over the keys and possession of the property to the buyer. Congratulations, you’ve successfully sold your home in Lake Arrowhead!

It’s important to work closely with a reputable real estate agent and an experienced escrow company throughout this process to navigate any challenges and ensure a successful and smooth transaction.